Chandrakona was a flourishing place in the 2nd half of the 17th century and in velantjiri map it appears as a large villag on an unnamed river (the Silai) under the name of Sjandercona.According to tradition, Chandrakona was formerly called Mana & was held in the eight century A.D. by a Raja named Khaira. In the palmy days of Chandrakona, the town was divided into many Bazars.It was once a well known centre of weaving industry, brass metal craft & sangeet gharana.It has seen the Paik & Chuar rebillions.The former importance of the place is shown by several remains & old institutions.

Chandrakona was deprived of an institution of higher education & learning since independence inspite of it rich potential feeder schools, thick populations,socio economic demand, broad coverage of two Panchayet Samities & three Municipalities.

                         In the middle of the year 1960’s the process for setting up a College was initiated but ceased owing to some dim reasons .To fulfil the aspiration & continuous effort of the people ,a number of stalwarts ,academicians,local municipal autahority & social workers came forward with a decision ,which came a reality through the establishment of the college on 13th September 1985 in the name Of Pandit Iswarchandra Vidyasagar, the pioneer of education movement in Bengal following the recommendation of the Bhabatosh Dutta Commission. In its budding stage , without exaggeration that it was built by the generous heip of all classes people of Chandrakona I & II Block &a small part of Keshpur and Garhbeta Block.. The Hon’ble M.P. & M.L.A.,The owners of the Cold Storages were the chief patrons.We still remember the esteemed guidance & aspirations of Late Prabhas Fodikar, the M.I.C of information and culture, Govt. Of West Bengal, the inagurator of this College.

                        The College was affiliated on 13.09.85 under the Vidyasagar University as its first affiliating College.It was enlisted U/S 2(f) & 12(B) of the U.G.C Act in 1984.The College is now running with full swing with the cordial help of the people, Vidyasagar University Authority, U.G.C. & Govt. Of West Bengal.